Intro To Dating

I recently mapped out my potential future and decided that my life would be more meaningful if I had my own family. I could have all the oceanfront property I could ever want and spend my time sailing around the world, but what would be the point on my own? It seemed rather empty.

So, I joined okcupid and found a few matches. Then, I ran into a big problem: distance. I don’t want to limit myself to whoever happens to be nearby, but if my soulmate is in another timezone and she’s not looking for a long distance relationship with someone she’s never even met, which is perfectly reasonable, then that’s it, nothing happens, and I’m out of luck.

This is going to be tricky.

Everything else in my life seems straightforward, I just have to figure out what I want to do and acquire the capital to do it, easy. But relationships? It doesn’t help that I’m a heartless bastard with no romantic experience; or that my main interests are Netflix, reading, and finance; or that I don’t live in a major metropolitan area; but even if I was perfect, how is this supposed to work? It all seems so mystical and vague, it involves emotions and subtlety, it can’t be rushed and it can’t be delayed.

I think my expectations are part of the problem. I hoped to immediately find the one and get married a year later. After all, I’m 27 and trying to move on with my life. Easy right? Why do relationships need to be complicated? Spoken like someone with no experience.

Of course I’m not giving up after just two weeks, that would be ridiculous. I’ll have to settle in and accept that this might be a longer and more arduous path than I had naively assumed. After all, I have the rest of my life ahead of me.

Intro To Dating