House Poaching

At the end of March, I got a realtor and loan officer. I hadn’t planned on getting this process started until Mid April, but I was a little impatient.

Anyway, we looked at 6 houses and put an offer in that day. The house needed a lot of work. I don’t mean “maybe some paint, and a few lightbulbs.” I mean, the entire roof (five or six layers of shingles (illegal) on top of a slate roof on top of the original (water soaked) boards. And the entire electrical system, most of which was un-grounded, some of which was scorched. I mean it needed a lot of work. After weeks of painfully slow back-and-forth, I got out of that contract. I was willing to see it through if the sellers fixed the big stuff, but they never responded, so that was that.

The second choice should have been my first choice. No house is perfect, and it needs a few things taken care of, which the seller has already agreed to fix. It has its caveats: one car garage instead of two, somewhat strange layout; but it’ll be ok.

We’re planning to close on June 3, and there are many more hoops to jump through between now and then. Hopefully I can lock it down, figure out the moving logistics, and start my new life.

House Poaching

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