I’m No Entrepreneur

I’m no entrepreneur and I’m ok with that. I recently read the first few chapters of “E Myth Mastery” and learned beyond a reasonable doubt, that I do not have the passion necessary to invent / create / pour my heart and soul into a startup company.

And that’s ok (hopefully), I’m perfectly fine with sticking to the plan, which is, after all, why it’s the plan in the first place. I’d like to have a wellspring of entrepreneurial passion, I’d like to not experience debilitating nerve pain, I’d like to really enjoy something in my life. But that’s the way it is, I have learned an important lesson, and now I don’t need to read the last 333 pages.

If I do start a company someday, and I plan on it, it will be a holding company for my real estate investment properties. I think that type of venture would suit me very well. I don’t have the passion for a daring startup company, but I have the focus and patience to manage long-term investments. I don’t have the burning need to create, but I have the dispassionate void where my heart used to be to keep logic at the forefront of my decisions. I’m no entrepreneur, so I’ll play to my different strengths.

I’m No Entrepreneur

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