I see how people get stuck in a job or a place that they don’t really want to be in. Changing ones life is difficult, the more I plan and work on changing my life, the harder it gets. So many pieces have to fall into place, and it can take years of intense focus to make it happen.

Maintaining is easy. Well, not always easy, but certainly easier. To stay in this job because you know the office and you understand the work and you don’t want any instability and you’re getting a bit older and and and the excuses go on and on. To stay in this city or state or country because you have an established routine here, you know some people, you wave to the neighbors, you have a reserved parking spot, and maybe someday you’ll do something crazy, but someday never seems to arrive.

I understand. The more I plan and work toward my future life, the more I realize why most people don’t bother doing this sort of thing: it’s arduous. I’ll need a pile of money, a new job, a temporary place to stay, a new driver’s license, new plates on my car…and then I’ll need to actually buy a house, which has it’s own long list of issues and contingencies and hurdles.

But I think it’s worth it, I’d rather spend hundreds of hours working toward the life I want than spend that time idly hoping someone else would change my life for me.


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