Dear White People

I watched a movie this weekend, which was relaxing because my recent weekends have consisted of feverishly reading finance books before they’re due back at the library. “Dear White People” was great. I wasn’t too sure at first, but it was both hilarious and profound, both honest and poignant. The film was set on an Ivy League campus and focused on how different kinds of black people adapted to and resisted against the ever-present culture of mostly white academia.

I am half black and half white, so “Dear White People” held a special significance for me. At different times in my life, I have been both too-black and not-black-enough, both ethnically-ambiguous-suburban-youth and educated-employee. I had to prepare a quick response for when people asked “What are you?

I related to some of the characters, both white and black, as well as their social philosophies. Being mixed has its benefits, one of which is being able to see both sides. Another is being able to say whatever I want and not be called a racist.

Dear White People

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