One Step Forward, One Step Sideways

After three months of ferocious studying, I passed both CompTIA A+ exams, and earned my certification. This victory puts me one step closer to my goal of volunteering in Bolivia. Only entirely-too-many steps to go. In celebration, I didn’t study anything for almost an entire week.  Upon reflection, I don’t think I’m meant to relax. As soon as I finish one gargantuan mission, it’s on to the next herculean task. Maybe I should take up Tai Chi and calm down a bit before I run myself into the ground…then again, there’s always more to learn.

Furthermore, I got some disappointing, albeit not unexpected, news yesterday. Some friends and family members have asked if they could donate to fund my journey and use HOPE Worldwide (the organization I’ll be working with) as a sort of fiscal conduit to deduct their 501(c)3 nonprofit contributions. Unfortunately, the IRS says “nah, you can’t do that.” It’s not the end of the world, hopefully people will still support the cause even if they don’t get a tax write-off.

Now, I’m focusing more on my Spanish. I converse in Spanish once a week with a friend of mine, which has been most helpful. I’m also going through some flash cards to slowly build a greater vocabulary. Once I reach the B1 proficiency level, I will most likely go back to the IT side of things and start studying for the Network+ exam; because why not, all these certifications will add up sooner or later.

One step at a time, at least we’re making progress.

One Step Forward, One Step Sideways

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