Feeling Frustrated

Yesterday was unreasonably distressing.  My life is fine, I have no serious complaints, however, like a lot of comfortable people, I’ll invent problems where none exist.  As you may know, I still plan on volunteering in La Paz, Bolivia for a year.  The earliest I could fly out is [redacted], and there’s plenty to accomplish between now and then, while working full-time of course.

  1. CompTIA A+ Certification
  2. CompTIA Network+ Certification
  3. Out of Debt
  4. Attain B2 Spanish proficiency
  5. Fundraise $10,000
  6. Logistics (Visa, Immunizations, Flight, etc)

Paying off approximately $70,000 of student loan debt within 4.5 years is a big deal.  Learning a foreign language well enough to have operational fluency (B2) is a big deal.  The IT certifications aren’t that serious, but the tests cost a few hundred dollars and I need them to be more useful while volunteering.  I’ve been told it costs about $10,000 to support myself in La Paz for a year, so I’ll need to come up with that somehow.  Each one of these steps is its own mountain, and I have to climb them all (while praying that no unforeseen expenses set me back) concurrently.

All this was weighing on my mind last night as I limped into the climbing gym.  Bouldering while suffering from minor nerve pain in my back was a disappointing experience.  Spoiler alert: 3 ibuprofen isn’t enough.  It was one painful frustrating failure after another.  In front of highly capable witnesses.  Eventually I left.

But the plan is the plan and the schedule is the schedule.  I will continue striving since I really want to help the needy.  If it doesn’t work out, that’s ok, I’ll just get started on my real life a bit sooner.  But I’m going to try.  Assuming I don’t go crazy from all this self-imposed stress in the meantime, we’ll see what happens.

Feeling Frustrated

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