At Least No One Died

I may have accidentally committed a crime while driving to work today.  I rounded a blind turn in the rain and saw a school bus with its yellow lights on.  I slowed down, looked around, and carried on.  As I reached the front of the bus, its red lights illuminated.  So I hit the brakes, but by that point, I was already halfway down the side of the bus.

If I had just driven through the yellow lights, I would have cleared the area before the driver switched on the red stop lights, and everything would be fine.  If I had needlessly stopped for the yellow lights, I may have ended up in a crash because of the rain.  If I hadn’t taken the safe and responsible course of action (to slow down for the yellow flashing lights), I wouldn’t have to worry about the camera recording my alleged violation (for passing a stopped school bus).  I really don’t know what I should have done differently.  Just bad timing I guess.

So we’ll find out if I get a $250 fine in the mail.

At Least No One Died

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