If At First You Don’t Succeed

I have a policy: Get back on it.  This isn’t just my policy, but it’s a good one, and like all good things and theories, I wish to make it my own.

I pay entirely too many dollars each month for the opportunity to injure myself at the climbing gym.  Today, the left side of my left index finger separated from the nail.  Some of my blood fell out of the gap, so, like any considerate gym member, I rinsed the blood off my hands before getting back on the wall.

A little while later, I was working on a crazy V5.  It involved a lot of physical moves, so it was my kind of climb.  I was trying to make the next move, a right hand grab, and I had some difficulty.  I pulled harder, because the answer to most problems is to apply more force, and it didn’t work out.  I misjudged where my right knee was in relation to the wall, as a result, they collided.  Violently.

The jarring impact hurt more than a little bit, so I fell off and hit the mat.  I laid there, clutching my wounded knee until I could stand.  Blood got all over my special climbing pants, which was the most disappointing result of this debacle.

Once everything seemed close enough to ok, I tried again.  To do otherwise would be to let the problem win.  A few attempts later, I made the move.  I didn’t finish the route, but at least I didn’t let the wall kill me.  Or defeat me.  You only lose when you give up.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

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