My Last Words

I want my last words to be poignant and profound.  They don’t have to impart a revolutionary concept or go down in history, but they need to be true.  My last words don’t need to matter to the world at large, I don’t care if they mean much to anyone else.  But they must be my last words, from the depths of my heart and soul.  Not grand or verbose, just a sentence or two that summarizes my perspective.

So what then?  What would my last words be, assuming I had time to think about what I want to say, edit the result, and deliver?

I think my last words would be simple, I’d treat them like any other writing task.  My meaning would be clear and straightforward, with no room for misinterpretation.  Not a mere observation, people hear enough observations already.  Perhaps a call to action, a dying man’s final wish would have some pull.  Not a command.  Hopefully nothing religious or pompous.  Probably an axiom that I had lived by.

I won’t know until I know, in the end.  However, if my time was up right now:

Live intentionally, act purposefully, think constantly.

My Last Words

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