CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

The US Senate has released their report after five years of investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program.  The full 6,700 page report is classified, but the shorter 528 page report is available, albeit redacted, here.  I strongly recommend that you read some of the report, at least their findings on page 11-26, and come to your own conclusions.

Personally, I believe the report is a cautionary tale that depicts how far people will go when they’re after revenge.  After the September 11 attacks in New York and DC, the US military and intelligence communities wanted to hurt someone.  The report proves that the CIA operated secret prisons all over the world with little to no oversight.  They made sure to keep poor records so even now it’s impossible to tell how many people were detained at these black sites, or what they were subjected to.  There is no record of the waterboard being used at Detention Site COBALT, yet investigators documented a well worn waterboard surrounded by buckets at the site (p. 80).

Do other countries operate secret detention centers?  Absolutely.

Do other countries torture detainees?  Absolutely.

Does the US operate facilities that weren’t exposed in this report?  Absolutely.

Are governments likely to continue detaining and torturing people when they feel it’s necessary, or at least, justifiable?  Absolutely.

Are all of these still morally wrong and in violation of international law?  Absolutely.

Read the Senate report when you can.  Read the CIA’s response once they release one.

CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

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