80th Birthday Book

My mom’s mom will be turning 80 at some point in the vague future.  Word has come down from on high that the uncountable horde of grandkids will each submit a short “My favorite memory with grandma is…” response.  These will be collected into a book for her.

I picked a memory right away, but I wasn’t sure how long this should be.  I have cousins who are babies, and cousins who are lawyers.  I didn’t want to be the one who took things too far and wrote an unnecessarily long entry.  In the end, I decided “If you can’t say it in 100 words, then you can’t say it.”

In my favorite memory with grandma, I am 13 years old, standing in the grass behind #### Deverly Drive.  I had just landed my first fish, it flopped at my feet as I called into the house.  Grandma came outside and helped measure the thrashing whale as I held it aloft.  It was at least six feet long.  She took a picture before we released the sea-monster back into the wild.

Grandma dropped what she was doing and hurried outside to document a slimy fish for her grandson.

Thanks for sharing that moment with me grandma.

Happy Birthday,


80th Birthday Book

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