Social Media Surplus

Saxum’s “Social Media In A Day” 2013 report was full of interesting facts about the internet culture we all sorta-know and kinda-love.  At one second per tweet, it would take an individual 12.7 years to read the tweets posted on one day.

Facebook: 2.7 billion likes, 350 million photo uploads per day

Twitter: 400 million tweets per day

Linkedin: 10 million endorsements generated, 72,800 new users per day

Google+: 5 billion uses of the +1 button per day

Tumblr: 108 million active accounts, 89 million posts per day

YouTube: 144,000 hours of video uploaded, 200 million hours of video watched per day

Instagram: 86,400 new users, 1 billion likes, 45 million photos uploaded per day

Netflix: 57 million hours streamed per day

Sources: Saxum, Digital Trends

Social Media Surplus

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