Philanthropic Writing

My current plan is to volunteer, probably in Bolivia or India, once I’m out of debt.  Recently, while reading “Makers” by Cory Doctorow, I realized how an on-site journalist can add momentum to a movement.  I’m no world-renowned bestselling writer (yet), but I can put some words together.  So more specifically, the current plan is to be the designated written content producer for an international nonprofit organization.  I would write blog posts, tweets, press releases, quarterly reports, project proposals, and anything else to increase awareness about the good work the organization is doing for the people.

As part of my ongoing process, I briefly looked into other WordPress blogs that used the “nonprofit” or “volunteer” tags:

I hope to follow a similar “on the ground” format to help the readers feel like they are there with me.  Who knows, a PayPal button might even get a few donations to help the cause.  I don’t expect my theoretical future posts to change the world, but funders cannot support something they’ve never heard of, and funders are more likely to connect with a project if they have seen more than just a preliminary budget report.

I figure, since I have some writing ability, I may as well use it for good.  At least it’s a small way in which I could help those who help the needy.

Any thoughts?

Does this (volunteer) position even exist?

Is my unfathomable hubris blocking out the sun?

Philanthropic Writing

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