Free Food for Millionaires

In life, it seemed that the ones who talked less, ate less, and slept less usually won… Did winners have fewer needs or did they have greater desires than the losers?

Casey believed that she could draw a person to her.  It was the simplest thing in the world for her because she did it by doing one thing perfectly: She paid attention, the kind of attention that almost didn’t exist anymore.  This was her gift.

It was nonsense to think that he of all people had no choices in life, but having spent the evening with him, Casey was beginning to understand that what mattered was not what you could do, but what you believed you could do.

While reading this book I wanted to move to New York, get an MBA, wear expensive suits, and take up smoking.  I wanted to make tons of money working in finance.  I wanted to own properties, plural.  I wanted to belong to eating clubs, I didn’t even know eating clubs existed before reading this book.

But I liked the ending best.  After working herself to death going after all this, Casey realized that she doesn’t want it, she wants to make hats instead, and there’s no money in hat-making.  This was empowering, because she’s right: it’s better to starve doing what you want to do, than to make too much money doing something you can’t stand.

Free Food for Millionaires