Garbage Picking- Update

This thing is as done as it’s going to get.  I took the bike off the curb a few weeks ago and it looked like this:


I then spent hours cleaning the frame, degreasing the drivetrain, removing unnecessary pieces, and re-wrapping the handlebars.  I had to chisel the ancient goo on the bars off with a screwdriver and may have used a hammer to bang some pieces back into place.  After all that, and $70 worth of tires, tubes, and pedal straps; it looked like this:


As you can see, I followed the All Black Everything theory of design.  The 1983 Fuji looks much cleaner, is much cleaner, and everything more-or-less works.  If I wanted to throw more money at it, I would buy a better seat and fix/replace the rear derailleur since it’s bent out of alignment (not because of the hammer, that was the rear brake).

The frame is too small, the 27″ tires are difficult, and the bar-end shifters are ridiculous.  But as a $70 bike that works well enough, it’s great.

Garbage Picking- Update