UCSB Shooting

This past Friday night, Elliot Rodger committed mass murder.  Seven dead, seven injured, countless affected.  I agree with Joanna Schroeder’s article, I’m saddened, but not surprised.  Elliot Rodger spent a lot of time bemoaning his lonely life.  He felt entitled to a “hot blonde” girlfriend, and whined about how he didn’t have one.

That pervasive entitlement is the systemic evil at play in this tragedy.  Elliot Rodger isn’t alone in his objectification of women, men have been doing that for thousands of years.  The idea that women are objects to be used for men’s pleasure is so all-encompassing in the American culture, that even after the planned mass murder in Santa Barbara, entirely too many men hold these beliefs:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 7.37.23

The ludicrous patriarchal assumption that women owe men their affection costs lives.  Not just the seven from this killing, but all those from past (and sadly, future) “revenge” attacks.  And that’s just lives lost, innumerable lives have been damaged, sometimes irreparably, by male entitlement.  Until society dramatically changes, this will keep happening.  It doesn’t matter what gun control laws are put into place, what hotlines are better staffed, what self-defense classes are offered, because without purging the toxic root of the problem, men will continue killing women.

So I’m not surprised.  But I am disgusted by Elliot Rodger’s actions, and the reprehensible philosophy that embraces his actions.

UCSB Shooting