Smiles Per Gallon

Officer, I made it all up.  I’m a very safe driver.

Yesterday, on a sunny afternoon, I went for an exuberant drive with a friend.  He brought his NB Miata, and my mk4 GTI lumbered along for the festivities as well.  We found a smooth stretch of road, with no police activity or cameras, and started with a few runs in the Miata.

I briefly owned an NA Miata, but this one was in much better shape.  The responsive 1.8 pulled through the corners just fine.  He was more aggressive since he knew the car, but my course knowledge balanced the scales.  Nothing like a top-down backroads blast on a Sunday afternoon (all while remaining under the speed limit Officer).

Then we switched to the GTI, which had to warm up a bit since 169,700 miles is a worrisome odometer reading.  In my car, on a road I drive every day, and with a point to prove, responsible antics ensued.  I’ve never gone through that hilltop chicane so fast in 2nd gear with someone in the passenger seat losing their mind (again, well within the law).  He did a burnout on his turn, sent the tachometer into the red, and I swear I heard the clutch sobbing.

Finally, we might have gotten back into the Miata to slide around an empty parking lot.  Even with newer tires, on a warm day, he got it sideways.  I had less luck, since everything I know about drift, I learned from Fast & Furious and Initial D.  I tried a weight-transition drift in 1st gear, ended up going too fast (but still under 10mph Officer), and bounced the tachometer off the rev-limiter.

Before any of this, we shook hands and agreed that “If you break it, you bought it.”

It was the best motoring experience I’ve had thus far, and on a completely unrelated note, my neck really hurts right now.

Smiles Per Gallon