The Great Blog Hunt

Since I’ve recently returned to WordPress, I’ve started looking for interesting blogs to follow.  Over the last few days, I’ve found a few that look promising, and I look forward to reading more of their work.  Today I waded into some travel sites, which I usually try to avoid.  You see, I want little more right now than to travel the world, see incredible sights, and amass thrilling tales of my exploits.

However, I’ve learned that pining after something I can’t achieve anytime soon, and feeding that hunger with travel journalism, is not the best choice.  I look at the clock hours later, shocked but not surprised that I tumbled down the black hole of researching my theoretical future instead of doing what I can to make it happen.  As much as I appreciate auto photography blogs, if I have no money to build a project car, there’s little I can do with that desire.  As much as I love the vibrant posts of the world-citizen nomads, I still have student loans keeping me here.

I did follow one travel blog though (so far).  They’re posting from Hanoi at the moment, and I was immediately snared.  The writing is amazing.  I’ve never read something and wanted to grab my passport more than when I perused Hanoi is for Fugitives.  I highly recommend The Squeaky Robot, for what my quiet voice is worth.

Do any of you have other blog suggestions?  I’m mostly interested in short fiction and personal posts, since my bank gets nervous whenever I stay on a travel site too long.

The Great Blog Hunt