I Am A Writer — And I Am A Total Slave To Page Views

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I feel like I am a slave to page views. Which writer doesn’t? I’d like to meet the writer somewhere who isn’t forced to give a shit about page views.

Now look, page views do matter in a sense or could matter if they directly correlated with excellent content. I believe not all voices should be heard or rather, should not be given equal credence, but the way the system works now, the voices with the most page views are given the most credence. This system of majority rules is supposed to be ideal, it’s an ideal that governs our democratic society but when the general interest is in literal trite nonsense or when the purveyors of trite nonsense are using questionable tactics (baiting headlines) then the system isn’t really fair, is it? So we (writers, publishers) can’t use that as a defense can we? We can’t just say we…

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I Am A Writer — And I Am A Total Slave To Page Views