The Square

I just finished watching this documentary about the Egyptian revolutions from 2011 to 2013.  Of course I had heard about the protests in Tahrir Square, but I didn’t know much about the issues at hand or who the major players were.

Seeing millions of people chanting, screaming, fighting, running, recording, arguing, dancing, and bleeding together was inspirational.  I’m drawn to that passion and resolve.  Over the last few years my own personal apathy has eroded away, layer by layer.  Now, I want to believe in something enough to fight for it.

Political ideologies and religious affiliations both splintered and galvanized the revolutions as they ousted the Old Regime, The Army, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  But through it all, the voice of the people cried out for justice and dignity.

It was a very powerful film, and I have the utmost respect for everyone involved in its production, and all the protestors, entirely too many of whom died for the cause.

The unrest in Egypt, together with the ongoing protests in Ukraine and Venezuela, unfortunately show that equality and freedom are preceded by corruption and police brutality.  All over the world, justice is only gained after the people have been abused and victimized for years.

Social change should not need to be bought with so many unnecessary deaths.

The Square