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I thought I’d specify why I want to get into long-term international service/development someday soon.  I’ll try not to sound too obnoxiously noble.

I’ve lived in Maryland, and the United States for too long.  There’s an entire world out there, and I’ve only lived in 4 states in 1 country so far.  I want to see the world and go after adventuresome experiences to learn more about myself and others.

From what I can tell, long-term travel is the way to go.  I’d like to immerse myself in other cultures, learn the language as I go, really live there and gain a genuine, deep understanding of the place.

There are so many poor people with no real chance of improving their lot within their lifetimes.  SO MANY.  And I like to think I could help in some small way.  I want to reduce inequality by increasing freedom and opportunities.  Possibly through micro-finance, or other direct-service methods.

I can think of nothing better to pour my life into.

Plans > Dreams