168 Hours To Go

The Internet is the best.  I (presumably like many of you) live online.  It’s where I get all my entertainment and news, it’s how I connect with people all over the world.  When I get back from work, I need to catch up with all my social media sites, check a few blogs, and watch all my YouTube subscriptions.  These are things I have to do.

It’s sort of because of that perspective, that I’ll be taking a week off from the Internet.  I do not do so lightly, for all I know, this might actually kill me.  Probably not though.  I try not to think about all I’ll miss.  Entire advocacy movements, memes, viral videos, and shocking scandals will come and go in that time.  When I get back online it will be as an old man, trying to remember how this magic box was supposed to work.

I’ll still check my email, since that’s actually important, and I may need to use my editing website for any book-writing I do over the next week.  Other than that, it will be as if I’d evaporated into the ether.

With the additional time this will afford me, I plan on reading more, writing more, and relaxing more.  Trying to stay current can be exhausting and time consuming, and it may not matter as much as I think it does.

Anyway, 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours starting 7pm Eastern time Monday Oct 21st.  I might keep notes about how this goes, it already feels like an adventure.

Let’s see if I can do it.

168 Hours To Go