First Six Months

I’ve written and posted something here every day for the last six months.  So far as I can tell, I haven’t missed a day, despite really not feeling like it at times.  Over the past six months, I like to think I’ve improved.  I’ve learned a few new words.  I’ve experimented with personal non-fiction blog posts, micro fiction, short stories, and in one ill advised post, poetry.

I enjoy writing dailies.  The challenge to come up with something brief, creative, and original every day has helped me significantly.  Recently, I think “what can I write about?” as I go through the day, looking for inspiration.  I didn’t sign any contracts that I would write and post something every day, but I feel obligated to do so, if only for my own practice.

Therein lies the rub.  I’m also working on a webserial/novel (which you can read here) and it’s tedious.  This is my first attempt at a longer story, and it’s much more work than the short stories I usually focus on.  It takes more time, more planning, more perseverance.

Which is why I won’t be posting dailies anymore.  I still hope to post what I can, but it won’t be a “thing I have to do” for the time-being.  That way, I can use that creative energy (what there is of it) to focus on getting this book written.  I’ll remain active on tumblr, and of course I’ll still post here, none of that is changing.  You just might not have a convenient 11am EST bookmark post on your dashboard for a while.  Instead of splitting myself up to focus on several different stories every day, I’ll work on the one until it’s finally behind me.

First Six Months