This morning, I wrote “Move to India” on my To-Do List.  It’s still there for now, but I’m not certain it will stay.  You may remember a while ago when I figured moving to Bhutan would be the best thing ever.  There are a few caveats with Bhutan though: they aren’t so keen on outsiders, I really should be Buddhist to live there, and it isn’t exactly a bustling economy.

India is very different.  After a few seconds of research this morning, I learned that India has the lowest reported cost of living in the world.  Those numbers might be because almost half of the sizable population lives well below the international poverty level, but I digress.  India also looks to be very diverse, the young democracy recognizes many languages and many religions.  The somewhat unique landmass has climates varying from hot and humid to cold and mountainy.

Although, internet access isn’t as widespread as I would like, and the major cities seem to be in the hot-and-humid area, which I’m not sure I could live with.  But it is so cheap, and the economy is growing faster than any other industrialized nation, so that’s a good sign.

As with all my harebrained plans, we’ll see what happens in a few years when I will hopefully be moving on with my life.