I Miss @geekgirlbella

I started following Bella on twitter over a year ago when Geek and Sundry launched.  She is a vital part of the social circle on twitter I am glad to count myself part of.  Bella is the sort of person who posts constantly, I don’t think she ever went more than a few hours without updating her followers about her life.  Some of her posts were interesting, some were funny, others saddening.

About a week ago she went silent.  Yesterday a lot of us finally noticed and started trying to contact her.  We sent twitter and facebook messages, researched recent Ontario court cases, checked Toronto and Ontario missing persons reports, nothing.  That afternoon, her twitter and facebook pages disappeared, and her wordpress blog was locked.

Needless to say, this was disquieting.  No one knew how to get in touch with her, no one knew if she was burning her bridges for some unknown reason, or if someone else was cutting her off from the world.  We still don’t know.  I’ve since heard that her G+ page is still up, and that she was on Xbox-Live last night, so that’s something.

As worrisome as all this has been, it was encouraging to see the outpouring of heartfelt concern from the online community.  People all over the world were feverishly searching for a way to contact Bella and make sure she was alright.  Messages flitted across timezones as we all waited with bated breath for news.

As I write this, the situation remains largely unchanged.  No one knows what happened or where Isabella is now.  I ardently hope and pray that she is ok, and that she’ll be back online soon.  It’s strange that I should care so much.  She’s a white girl from Canada who loves Twilight.  I am a non-white, non-girl, from not-Canada, who can’t stand Twilight.  We have almost nothing in common, but we have enough in common.  Her absence leaves a void, and I care a great deal.

I hope she’s ok.

I hope she comes back.

I Miss @geekgirlbella