Be Like Water

Not like oil.  Oil is a terrible substance to imitate.  All slimy and standoffish.  No thanks.  Which leads to my next point:

I’ve heard that I should have an Oil Catch Can for my car.  It seems to be a good preventative measure, so I did some looking around.  I found this one at 42 Draft Designs for only $130, which is approximately $30,130 more than I have.

So I think I’ll try and make my own.  I haven’t done any welding before, but I’m sure it can’t be that tricky or dangerous.  I should be able to have it done for $30, which is a significant savings.  Although, I could always do the reasonable thing and order this one for $35, save myself some hassle.

In other news, I’m famous again.  My “everything is broken and bleeding” bouldering post from this very blog was picked up by what looks like a Japanese news/story site.  This is the first time that’s ever happened to me, so it was a big moment.

Be Like Water