770 Pages to Read

A portion of my training class mileage reimbursement went to the purchase of three writing books.  Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark, 20 Master Plots by Tobias, and Tell It Slant by Miller and Paola.  I look forward to reading through them all, probably in that order.

Initially, I didn’t want to put any funds at all into my writing, preferring instead to learn by doing.  So far, I think that’s going well.  I’ve tried a few different styles and experimented with diverse subject matter.  Over the last few days, I started reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.  Four or five times already, I’ve read a sentence or short paragraph and stopped because it was so brilliant.  The phrasing, the rhetoric, the tone all work in those sentences to bring me to a standstill, wondering how I could ever write that masterfully.

I picked these three books for a reason.  Writing Tools should help me get a basic grounding for almost any kind of writing I run into, and focus on essential strategies.  20 Master Plots is exactly what it sounds like; a rundown of different plots and how to properly execute them.  This would be most helpful for any short (or long) fiction I end up doing.  Finally, there’s Tell It Slant.  The first blogs I read, were what inspired me to write my own blog, and things progressed from there.  These were The Bloggess and Hyperbole and a Half.  What I liked most about this style of writing was the hilarious openness it embodied.  ”Creative Non-Fiction” would be the genre.  It’s something I’m interested in, telling my own life stories in an interesting way.

Of course I’m reading Boneshaker right now, and don’t have that much time to read these other three since I went and got myself into writing a book.  Hopefully I can find time soon, since I imagine they’ll make a difference.

770 Pages to Read