Ubuntu 13.04

No one gets me to change my passwords like Cory Doctorow.  I’m nearly finished with reading his Little Brother novel, and much like Pirate Cinema, it’s immensely enjoyable.  I appreciate all the tech in these books.  The different (sometimes fictional) Linux distros, the cryptography, hidden partitions, and clandestine programming.  These teenagers know a lot more than I do about computers.

After looking for Paranoid Linux, which doesn’t exist as it turns out, I decided to finally install Ubuntu on my MacBook.  I downloaded the .iso file, burned it to a borrowed DVD, who has DVDs anymore?, and after a few attempts, installed it on a new partition.

So far, it isn’t working well.  I’ve tried loading it several times to no avail.  The one time I did login, it froze after a few minutes.  I hate to keep doing these hard-shutdowns but it was my only option.  I really like the idea of Linux, sidestepping the exploitive software industry, and empowering more people.  But it’s not working for me.

Mac OSX is the most stable operating system I’ve used thus far.  I can’t remember it ever failing on me.  I’m willing to keep trying Ubuntu, but after taking several hours of my life away, I’m hesitant.

Ubuntu 13.04