**You’ll probably want to scroll past this one**

I really try to not whine online.  The fact that I can whine online means I have little right to do so.  My life isn’t that hard.  However, I couldn’t think of anything else to post today, so here’s some honesty for you all.

This wasn’t a bad day, but it didn’t go as well as it should have either.  My back pain is starting again.  It isn’t terrible yet, but enough to cause some inconvenience and of course, nerve pain.  It’s only been a few days and already, my left knee is swollen and unstable from walking slightly off in that short time.  This is about as good as it will be for another month or so.

The actual ‘work’ part of work today wasn’t that bad.  The problem was that one of the bosses upstairs decided I needed to go to great effort to track down a few hundred dollars on a report I never had to deal with before.  It involved hours on the phone talking with people who didn’t know how to help either, and of course I get to hopefully finish that up tomorrow and then deal with it on a regular basis.

Tonight, my parents and my injured self are off to pack boxes with food to feed the hungry.  Those that presumably don’t have a tumblr to complain to about their various woes.  I find community service helps my perspective with things like this.  I’m ashamed to even complain about having a slightly tedious workday when I am incredibly lucky to have a job at all.  Although, I wish it wasn’t tonight.  I don’t want to leave in another 30min to move boxes around a warehouse on my unstable knee trying to keep my back from hurting too badly after a wearisome day.  I want to chill and catch up with YouTube.  But as ever, there’s work to do.