Contingency Plan

It’s been a few months, so of course it’s time for me to look over my plan just in case something goes horribly wrong.  Theoretically, I’ll be able to continue working at my current job at least until I’m out of debt.  However, if that falls apart, or if I have to move out of my parent’s place for one reason or another, I need a plan in place.

I’ve lived in Maryland for entirely too long.  Ergo, if I find myself in need of a new place to live or a new occupation, I would try to do so somewhere I actually want to be.  It’s still in progress, but right now I’m considering a few vastly different cities.  I thought it would be best at this point to stick to the continental US.

  • Los Angeles, because it’s LA
  • Portland Oregon, because I’d really like the rainy cool climate
  • Detroit, because it’s cheap
  • Buffalo, because it’s cheap and I have family there in case it all falls apart again

I’ll be narrowing this down and factoring in many other considerations like cost of living, rent prices, average salary, economy growth, population, and weather.  I figure, if something goes horribly wrong, it may as well get me to move on with my life at the same time.

Contingency Plan