Wuthering Heights

Today I finally (finally) finished reading the classic novel: Wuthering Heights.  It was certainly better than Crime and Punishment, which admittedly, doesn’t take much.  I appreciated how dark and dismal it all was.  An alternate title would be: How to Raise a Child for the Sole Purpose of Scorning Someone you Quarreled with Decades Ago.

Almost every paragraph could have ended with either:

  • And then they carried on with their bitter and despondent lives.
  • And then Heathcliff punched someone else in the face.

Mrs. Nelly Dean might be the only likable character.  Everyone else is petty, jealous, vengeful, and/or crazy.  This made the story far more interesting than it would have been with a more politely reserved cast.

However, even though I planned on reading through the entire “100 Best Books” list, I think I’ll change course.  I have dozens of books lining up that I actually want to read and it’s becoming difficult to justify reading old books I’d rather not push through.

Next I’ll be starting Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.  I really enjoyed his Pirate Cinema so I’m looking forward to it.

Wuthering Heights