$377 Later

The car has been resurrected.  Turns out it was a broken thermostat and coolant temperature sensor.  For those of you that care, this meant the coolant wasn’t circulating through the radiator so the car would just run hotter and hotter until the engine liquified and poured out onto the road.

Because I work at a VW dealer (convenient), it was fixed for $377 instead of over $600.  I am immensely grateful that it wasn’t worse.  It could have been the water pump which would be more expensive, or something really catastrophic.  Still, I had to pull this month’s rent from my savings which was supposed to get me out of the US once I finished paying my loans back, so that set me back a bit.

The only problem I have with this car is how much it costs to run and repair.  Premium gas, synthetic oil changes, $377 thermostat replacements, and the like.  It all adds up to many more dollars than I have.  Therefore, I’m in the market for a 1996-2000 Honda Civic DX with a manual transmission.

If you’re selling one I guess.

$377 Later