Short Film

Yesterday was the second and final day of shooting for a short film I was involved in.  Since I plan on getting into video at some point, it was interesting to be part of the production process for the first time.  I was called to play a very minor role, with someone else doing the voice over, so I didn’t need to bother memorizing any lines.

The first night, we were losing the light and we were out in the woods where the humidity was fogging the lens.  And of course, one of the actors forgot part of their costume back at the house.  I got two mosquito bites waiting for its retrieval.  I learned that as an actor, it’s important for me just to do what I’m told.  I don’t necessarily need to direct anything or offer input, just do what I’m there to do.  Once I was wrapped for the first night, I stuck around for a bit trying to get a feel for what it would take to produce and direct a short film.

And it would require some equipment.  Cameras, lighting, diffusers, microphones, tripods, rails, etc.  I wouldn’t need a RED camera, but definitely something more respectable.  Also the people are important.  Costumes and set design require a specialized skill-set.  Without that attention to detail that the director/producer may not have the time to commit to, the end result would be less than it should have been.

I think it went well though.  It was a good experience to be a part of the production and I look forward to seeing the end result.

Short Film