All this groundwork is proving tedious.  Today, instead of working on the map of the Kingdom as I planned, I outlined one of the storylines.  There are going to be three point-of-view characters with their own sometimes interacting plots.

Today, I mostly nailed down that of Rose Howard, a young farmgirl who causes some trouble for many city officials.  Of course I can’t get into it because as River Song would say: “Spoilers.”

So at this point, I have two more storylines to outline, 5 more maps, and many secondary characters to name.  I’m aiming for 10 chapters each for 30 total.  If all goes according to plan, and I keep working at it, this might grow into a proper novel.

I think I’ll publish each chapter as they’re finished on WattPad since that seems to be what it’s made for.  Of course you’ll all be updated as we go.