Cartography: The Mapping of Uncharted Territories

I never understood why maps were included in fantasy books.  By the time I finished the story and saw them in the appendix, it was irrelevant.  I figured most of it out by that point.  Now it makes more sense.

I’m still making progress with my longer story.  Today I fleshed out the three main characters a bit more and completed the World Map.  I realized that a map would be necessary, if only for me to write it.  Through the coming days, I plan on mapping out the specific Kingdom, capitol city, and each of the main character’s residences.  This should help me write smoother, since the geography will already be established.

Thanks to a few name generator sites, I was able to come up with names for all the prominent landmarks.  The west might get a bit more filled in later on, but I think I’ll leave it as a sort of “high-plains” area.

One step at a time.

Cartography: The Mapping of Uncharted Territories