Life Update

I’ve been writing something for this blog every day for over three months now.  Over that time I’ve moved from personal updates to include some short stories as well.  Recently, I’ve been trying to balance 50-word exercises, longer stories, and personal opinion posts, with something different every day.  I like to think it’s going well.  I’ve received some positive feedback from you guys too, which has been encouraging.

Most of the writing styles I can think of involve some aspect of creativity.  Screenwriting, journalism (to a point), short stories, novels, and more.  The only exclusively non fiction style I’d be interested in would be more autobiographical (similar to my earlier personal posts).  Since most of the writing world revolves around creative storytelling, I thought I should practice a bit.  I freely admit that I’m not there yet.  I have difficulty writing kisses, deaths, emotions, and well— almost everything right now.  That said, I feel I have progressed over the last three months, so hopefully that trend will continue.

Since writing short stories almost every day takes more time than posts such as this, it’s affecting my schedule.  I only have so much time in the evening, and because I want to write as well as I can, I had to make some changes.  I’m taking Netflix shows less seriously in order to free up some time.  Instead, I keep up with YouTube and I got some graphic novels to break up the drudgery that is Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.  So far so good, I think it’s important for me to constantly re-evaluate how I can spend my time and money most effectively.

Anyway, thank you for following along, and please keep letting me know what you think about the stories.

Life Update