Wendy Davis

Last night, and this morning before work, I was following the action in the Texas State Senate alongside thousands of others on the livestream.  I’m not all that interested in politics since I have very little faith in politicians.  Which is what made Wendy Davis’ filibuster that much more impressive.  So far as I understand it, the Senate needed a 2/3 majority to pass the abortion bill.  Considering the partisan split of 19 Republicans against 12 Democrats, the bill would have passed if the vote had been carried out (and indeed it kind-of did).

Wendy Davis spoke for over 11 hours wearing bright pink Mizuno running shoes until the nit-picking Republicans got her off the floor with minutes to spare.  The vote was taken despite the “unruly mob” in the gallery, and the timestamps were edited by the Ministry of Truth from 6/26/13 to 6/25/13 even though the vote ended after midnight.  Illustrating just how far politicians are willing to go in order to “help”.  Upon further review (and the Internet calling ‘bullshit’) the bill was deemed dead through the heroic efforts of the Democratic minority in the deeply Republican Texas Senate.

It is unfortunate to remember that without utilizing these somewhat “Occupy Wall Street” tactics, the bill would have passed.  Nearly every abortion clinic in Texas would be legally shut down.  And another blow would have been struck against Women’s Rights.  Watching the stream and reading all the news articles today reminded me of a superhero movie, or something like 300.  The unmovable object withstood the unstoppable force.

And today the Supreme Court overturned DOMA, granting same-sex marriages federal recognition and all the benefits that entails.

One could even say that things are turning around.

Wendy Davis