Yesterday, I met with an Amway business owner to discuss a supplemental income possibility.  We talked for almost an hour about the company, products, schedule, and game-plan.  I told him I’d look into it more and let him know what I thought in a few days, since I’ve learned not to make decisions too quickly.

I have a few concerns about the business.  I’d need to find a way to free-up 7 weeknight hours in order to go to the classes and work on building a customer base.  I’m not sure how that’s going to happen, since my schedule is fairly tight as it is (what with all the quality short-stories I’ve been writing).  And there’s the main question of compensation.  After an initial buy-in (!), assuming the business gets going smoothly, I’d be looking at the following income levels: $120 in the first month, growing to $463 in about six months, and onwards from there.  I’d theoretically be looking at a livable wage after two years.  At approximately 7 hours per week, in the first month I’d make $4.29/hr and $16.54/hr at month six.

These are all relatively small concerns.  I’m more worried about the opportunity cost with me losing 7 weeknight hours.  I wouldn’t be able to write, read, catch up with the Internet, or exercise anymore.  Or at least not as much.  That’s a big problem.  I can’t justify giving up on what I want to do in order to make $4.29/hr trying to get a direct-sales business off the ground.  I also don’t like sales as a concept.  I don’t think it’s for me.  It feeds directly into the materialism culture of the world, and I am adamantly opposed to that.

The most influential problem is a question of principles.  Building my own sales business would go against my ideals of minimalism and spirituality, while stifling my budding creative pursuits.  Instead, it would support my greed and ambition, while helping me pay my loans back faster.  So do I practice what I want to do (writing), or do I step up the timeline to get out of debt?

It’s a conundrum.  But, on balance, I feel it would be best if I decline the offer.  Even though the additional income would help me progress toward my goal, I’d lose sight of what I’m trying to build right now.  I’d rather be true to myself in debt for a bit longer, than go against my principles.