Informal Training

This weekend, I’ve started on another free online course.  This one is for English Language and Literature.  Hopefully over the next weeks and months, I’ll gain more experience writing, and more inspiration to do so.  The course is offered as a “Certified Diploma” program, which means it won’t carry much weight on any future resumes.  Although, since I’m just interested in learning and progressing in this craft, and the course is free, its not a bad deal.

Thus far, things are fairly simplistic.  The course of study will eventually cover different writing styles, grammar usage, and how to use language effectively.  So far, I’ve covered the modules about writing triggers and audience determination.  It was helpful to consider why I write, and to whom I’m writing.  I write daily blog posts to share my story with the world and crystallize my inner thoughts.  Occasionally I’ll have a point to make, or a position to take on an issue.  That’s when things get a bit more heated and passionate.  I’m writing for the tumblr community.  A vast audience that doesn’t usually take the time to read anything longer than a gif caption.  But this community is engaged, vibrant, and creative.  I value being a part of it and hope my small voice can add to the whole.

Once I feel a bit more competent, I plan on getting into some short fiction. I have a few story ideas, but not enough time to focus on developing them.  While I’m sure you all find my life bursting with excitement and intrigue, there are more interesting stories to be told.

We’re making progress, one step at a time.

Informal Training