I’m no Web Developer

After much deliberation, another potential future has faded into non-existence.  I’m currently 25% of the way through the jQuery course I’ve been working on and I think that’s as far as I’m willing to go.  Right now, I have a loose grasp on HTML, CSS, and very little jQuery.  If I had bothered to learn more JavaScript, I may have been able to build some reasonably good websites.  But I think I’d rather not.

The main reason why I don’t want to continue working on Web Development is that I have to fully understand and utilize (at least) four different programming languages, all working in concert, just to make a website.  I’m not sure I’ll get enough real-world practice to hone my skills and really do it well.  Anyone can make a basic website, and I think I now know enough to appreciate a stable, responsive build.

So I’ll move on to Python and then Ruby.  These seem to be more ‘stand-alone’ languages that don’t need several others to make it all work.  Also, I’m sure applications would be easier to publicize and monetize if I ever reach that point.  That said, I haven’t done any real programming yet, so we’ll see how it goes.

While I’m adjusting the sails, I’m looking forward to another small change. The training site I use, Codecademy, tracks how many days in a row I’ve progressed with the coursework.  I’ve been doing a few minutes of work every morning and evening in order to keep the streak going thus far (47 days).  Yesterday, when I decided to stop the Web Development track, I also decided to stop caring about my streak count.  I realized that it’s just a number on a website that no-one I know even cares about.  This will simplify my morning tasks, so I’ll just have to catch up with the internet, proofread my blog post, check my finances, and various odds and ends.  Instead of all that, and a few minutes of coding.

Life should be a bit simpler with the new plan.  Eventually I’ll eliminate every possible future and be left with the one I’m passionate about.

I’m no Web Developer