Technological Advances

You guys, technology is the best.  I strongly believe that the advent of the internet and the worldwide interconnectivity it offers has already led to a staggering increase in creativity and problem solving all over the world.  New technology is always exciting, but what really does it for me is new technology.  Not merely the same old thing but with a few more features and faster everything, it has to be a revolutionary idea.

In case you’ve been offline for the last few days, there have been a few big tech announcements.  Most of the interesting ones were from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Apple.  Microsoft announced the Xbox 720 Xbox One.  Which impressed the world with its gameplay and upcoming games for the (not entirely unreasonable) price of $499.  This would have been great, if only Sony hadn’t bothered showing up.

But they did.  The Playstation 4 was released and (finally) revealed.  I found the features to be at least as impressive as the Xbox One, with a few several fewer restrictions.  Without getting into it for the sake of those that don’t really care, imagine Xbox as Skynet and PS4 as a video game console that isn’t trying to kill all humans.  Also, it’s $100 cheaper.

Nintendo had something to say this morning, but judging by the lack of twitter activity, I’m not sure anyone was that interested.  I fear Nintendo is one of those companies that used to be good, with it’s glory days behind it.

The new MacPro Apple revealed though… my jaw actually dropped.  The MacPro specs are always ridiculously high, since it’s made to handle all conceivable creative projects at one time.  The superlative capabilities of the new machine though, and the fact that it’s a cylinder, and that it’s so small—I can’t even.  I imagine the price tag will have entirely too many zeroes on it, as is typical for Apple products.

I probably won’t be buying any of these new devices.  Mostly because I don’t have the money.  Also because video gaming, like travel, auto racing, personal growth, and relationships, are just another activity I can’t do right now.  I appreciate video games a great deal, I simply don’t have the time to really invest in it.  Maybe someday (when I’m retired) but until then, I’ll leave it to the internet to keep me engaged.

Technological Advances