Karmic Balance

I was off yesterday.  That’s a big deal because I have six holidays a year and most of them are full of family events and other demands.  Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in recent memory.  I slept in til 6:15 since I was up late from the reception.  I got some laundry done and wrote the first draft of my first attempt at a short story.  I completed a few more assignments for that CSS class I’m taking online, so that’s moving along.  I didn’t get any reading done, which is unfortunate.  But since I didn’t bother exercising yesterday (or Sunday), I was able to watch more YouTube and Netflix.  We had tasty albeit unhealthy steak sandwiches for dinner, and I got to sleep at a reasonable time.  I didn’t set foot outside the house all day.

Conversely, today was not brilliant.  I was a few minutes late leaving the house, got to work on time, but in more of a rush than I would like.  I try not to write much about work in order to protect my continued employment, so I’ll be vague.  Some changes have been made which result in a manager having less paperwork to do now that it’s my responsibility.  Since we’re coming off of a holiday weekend, there was a towering stack of papers to go through and work on today.  I was working frantically the entire day and still didn’t get it all done.  I think the system makes more sense this way though, so hopefully tomorrow is a bit easier.  It was entirely too hot driving back today, and of course there was more traffic than I deemed necessary.  Almost everything was more difficult than it should have been.

Although, as with everything, there are a few silver linings.  It could have been much worse.  That’s what I always tell myself when something’s more difficult than it should be, it could always be worse.  (Of course it could always be better too…)  Also, a writer I look up to read some of this blog and gave me some positive feedback.  It was most elating, and helped me get through the work day.  And I’m on my own this evening since my parents are off galavanting.  This means I have another two hours of peace and solitude in which to get things done and undercook my dinner.

The disparity between these two consecutive days was alarming.  Then again, it’s always traumatizing to go back to work after a day off.

Karmic Balance