Co-Worker Cookout

Last night, I drove a long way to meet up with my old boss and some people I used to work with.  A few times a year, the boss from my tech-support job on campus and most of the other students (at the time) I worked with get together for an evening of wine, burgers, beer, hot dogs, and memories.

We laugh about the old days and the crazy people we worked with.  We discuss the crime rate in California and business expense accounts.  We compare different driving styles and agree that people are the root cause of traffic issues.  Usually, when I find myself talking with someone I used to know many years ago, we can discuss what we had in common at that point, but little else.  Thankfully, because this group stays in contact with one another, we can talk about our shared memories and make new ones.  Because we know each other and remain involved to a certain extent, we can talk about what’s going on now as well.

The evening went well, my old boss is very hospitable, outgoing, and accommodating.  Even though it was a long drive, I got back late, and got almost no sleep as a result, I’m glad I went.  In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t participate in too many social gatherings.  I strongly prefer to write, read, watch something, or plan out my future.  So it was a pleasant change, to be around people who weren’t demanding anything of me, and who (hopefully) enjoyed my company.

I guess that’s why people go to great lengths to build and maintain friendships.  There are people that aren’t trying to take more and more from me, and that might even make my life more agreeable.  That said, I understand the internet far more than I do people, so I’ll mostly stick with what I know for now.

Co-Worker Cookout