Set Your Sights

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, which was a novel event in itself.  Something about real-time face-to-face communication adds new levels of meaning that aren’t possible with text-based online messages.  Back to the point though.  We were talking about the importance of balancing realistic, pragmatic goals with lofty aspirations.

If we only focus on the day to day work, and just keep our heads down, we’ll never accomplish what we’re after.  By looking at the immediate situation all the time, we cannot envision anything greater.  We’ll stagnate and eventually lose sight of the dreams we once held dear.  Months and years will slip past and even if an opportunity arose to change our lives, we wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Conversely, if we primarily focus on grandiose goals and improbable ideas, we still won’t get it done.  This leads to the opposite problem, by neglecting the day to day progress and planning, we won’t progress.  We’ll keep hoping for things to miraculously change somehow at some point, but we have no means to affect that change.  Our aims would serve as a welcome distraction, but nothing more.

Which is why there is a balance to be struck.  Looking too low, at the daily grind, or too high, at the glittering goal, will keep us from making any real progress.  This is why I keep my aim in view at all times (to get out of debt and attain freedom), as well as my plans to make that happen.  If I lose sight of the end goal, I’d be crushed by my current situation and despair.  If I lose track of the plan, once I find myself out of debt, I wouldn’t know what to do next.  

I use my dreams to power through what I must, in order to reach them.

Set Your Sights