A Complicated $20

My younger sister, who has accomplished much more in her life at this point, is moving again.  This time she’ll be in her own apartment like an adult, while I stay in my parant’s guest-room for the next 3-4 years.  As part of this effort, on Saturday she bought my old vacuum from me for only $20 since I’m a considerate older brother.

The thing about budgeting so close is that I have no excess money whatsoever for any expenses that aren’t already accounted for.  So it’s a big deal that I now have $20 to spend on my heart’s desires.  I realize that it’s only $20 which is not even worth mentioning to most people, but again, I never have excess funds.

The question is though, what would be the most effective use of this $20? I was thinking about ordering these books to teach me more about writing.  That would advance my overall plan and lend itself to my current interest.  However, I plan on going through this free English Language and Literature Diploma program eventually anyway.  And “free” is cheaper than $20.  Also, the Diploma course is more comprehensive than either of the books would be.

I think I’ve figured it out.  I’ll most likely use the unexpected $20 to balance out the costs of an upcoming social engagement this Friday.  That way, I can participate in something instead of just glaring at my laptop even more.  And it would give me something to write about.

It’s a depressing situation I find myself in; that $20 is an amount of money to be judiciously utilized.  I suppose it’s through careful financial management that I’ll ever get out of debt though, so it works for me.

A Complicated $20