Onwards to CSS and Micro-Fiction

Well we made it a few weeks, but the inevitable finally happened, I’ve started second-guessing my future plans again.  I’m surprised it took so long actually.  Usually I change my mind that next day, but here we are three weeks later.

Over the last few days I’ve finished up the HTML course I was working through.  It was very well designed and I’d highly recommend Codecademy to anyone interested in learning such things.  Before moving on to the CSS material, I wondered aloud if I really want to make websites for the rest of my life.  Web Design is interesting because it takes a certain level of artistic vision and analytical coding ability to make it all work properly.  Even though Web Design isn’t overly complicated, it does require both halves of the brain cooperating.  I’m not convinced it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I’m moving on to CSS regardless.

Which brings me to my ambitious writing aspirations.  The blog posts here are (for the most part) the only writing I do, and come to find out, there are many more writing styles out there.  I’ve never been much of a “creator” which is why my graphic design plan never worked out.  Also, this explains why I write a blog about my mundane daily life rather than an epic fantasy series.  I have a boundless appreciation for narratives of all types.  A lot of my time is spent reading through twitter and facebook, watching vlogs on YouTube, and reading other blogs.  I enjoy hearing about people’s lives and what they’re going through.

For the sake of balance and theoretically growing as a writer, I may need to try something else.  Yesterday I learned about the Micro Fiction and Flash Fiction styles.  Think of a short short-story with maybe just 50 words.  I was intrigued by the challenge of fitting all the characters and plot elements into a set maximum word count.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll get into that at some point to practice my creativity.

Onwards to CSS and Micro-Fiction