Allie Brosh

Hopefully you’ve heard by now, but joyous news!  Allie Brosh is alive and posting again!  After disappearing into the dark void that is depression for the last 18 months, she’s come through, and lived to tell about it.  I’m still trying to work out why this is such a big deal to me, but rest assured, it is.

Hyperbole and a Half was the first blog I ever read.  I still remember the months of reading it took me to get completely caught up.  I would do most of my social media and blog reading during lecture classes when I was in college.  It was an effective use of my time since I wasn’t paying attention to the professor anyway.  There were so many awkward moments when I would read any of these posts, and frequently burst out laughing.  The scathing looks from my scandalized classmates politely reminded me that laughter in the middle of an otherwise boring lecture (while everyone else was playing poker on their laptops) was unacceptable.

This was the first hilariously honest work I had seen online.  It opened my eyes to the possibility that with the right words and artwork, there was an amusing way to look at life.  I once saw an interview with Allie about why she chose the name “Hyperbole and a Half.”  She replied that she wanted to go with something that made no sense right away, something that wasn’t too serious, but was still memorable.  That logic is what inspired my blog name “Earnestly Extraneous” but I still think Allie’s is better.

The last post she wrote went up 18 months ago, and was about depression.  This was followed by a long absence.  It was both worrying and encouraging to see people online asking where she was and if anyone knew if she was ok.  The concern shared by her extensive community was heartwarming, as was the outpouring of support two days ago when she re-appeared.

I cannot recommend her site enough.  She is so funny, so genuine, and so vulnerable.  Her posts have carried me through some difficulties of my own, and I am overjoyed that she is still alive.  

And that she’s back online.

Allie Brosh