3 Year Plan

I think in spreadsheets.  Not word documents, not flowcharts, pictures, or maps.  Spreadsheets.  Whenever I need to plan something out, compare options, or collect information, it all goes onto a spreadsheet that’s neatly ordered and organized.  Since it looks like I should be out of debt in about three years, I’m planning some goals for that time.  This way, once I buy my way out of indentured servitude, I’ll have a solid plan and the means to make it so.

I’m still (and always will be) trying to figure out what I want to do.  Trouble is, I could actually see myself doing almost anything.  I could be a defense attorney, a lifelong service volunteer, a programmer, a writer, or a homeless vagabond.  I don’t really have a stable passion for anything in particular.  Which is why I’m writing everyday, to get a feel for it and find out if that’s something I’d like to do for the rest of my life.  Same story with why I’m going through an HTML and CSS course now, to see if that’s an interest that would merit further development.

To help guide this process, (you guessed it) I made a spreadsheet:


Within the next three years, I need to figure out what I want to do from that point on.  I’ll then need to work at it and get some more education and accreditations so people will think I know what I’m doing.  That way, once I’m out, I’ll know where I want to go (on a separate spreadsheet), and what I want to do there.  I figure, if I’m stuck where I am for the next while, I should use that time to do some self improvement so I can shoot off to my next adventure with as little lag time as possible.

3 Year Plan