Breaking Free

Yesterday, I found a new webshow called “Breaking Free.”  Each episode will tell a different traveler’s story about how they moved to the other side of the world and made it work.  Some of them had to come back to the US, save some money, and then return to Panama or wherever.  

It never ceases to inspire me to see people moving so far and leaving everything and everyone they know in order to follow their dream.  Since that’s what I’ll hopefully be doing in another few years once I’m out of debt.  Although, what I like about this show is that it goes into how it worked out (or didn’t) for each person.  There are many sites and companies that will tell you to go follow your dreams, buy your ticket right now, because YOLO (or Valar Morghulis).

That maddening drive to just go and figure it out when you land is intoxicating.  That’s one of the reasons I try not to watch travel shows, I know that I will eventually be swayed enough to do something foolish.  After watching the trailer I determined that it was worth giving them my email address (no spam yet) and I look forward to the next six episodes.  Now that my loans should be handled in another three years, I could justify thinking about my future plans more specifically.

Right now I’m considering going to Guam when it would be financially viable.  Mostly because it’s in the part of the world I’m interested in.  Also because it’s as far as I can go without needing a visa or new citizenship.  This tiny island that’s technically “in the US” might just be my gateway to a new life.

Breaking Free